About us:

Pension am Walde is located east of Beerfelden, on the edge of the forest Approximately 400m distance to the B45 highway.

How to get there by car:
From Michelstadt/north: turn right from B45 at the 2nd exit for Beerfelden From Eberbach/south: turn right from B45 at the 2nd exit for Beerfelden
Set in a quiet tranquil area, you are invited to unwind and relax whether you are visiting for just a short while or planning a longer holiday.
We, the families Zink-Poldrugo will be happy to look after you while you stay with us. We will try our best to provide you with the right package in order to make your stay a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable one.
    A brief history:
The main house, built in 1929/1930 was acquired by the Zink Family in 1939. While farming alone supported the family in the beginning, Pension am Walde (the main house) was let to students serving as a holiday resort in the years 1939-1944. From 1945 onwards Pension am Walde was mainly used as a temporary residence for many whose homes had been destroyed during WWII.  
  Thus the guesthouse opened its doors to the public for the first time. In the restaurant full catering has been on offer for residents and non-residents since 1950. An extension to the main house, the adjacent newer building dates back to 1966. Both guesthouse and restaurant have been operated by the second generation of the Zink-Poldrugo family since 1983, now supported by the third generation.

Room Rates